Welcome To Turpin Barker Armstrong

Turpin Barker Armstrong is a specialist insolvency practice with offices in Sutton, Surrey and Sevenoaks, Kent. We have over 30 years' experience and have helped thousands of individuals and directors during this time.  Our friendly professional team includes licensed insolvency practitioners and qualified accountants who are skilled in providing insolvency advice to companies and individuals facing financial difficulties. Turpin Barker Armstrong specialise in all forms of insolvency namely: 

creditors voluntary liquidation

members voluntary liquidation

company administration

individual voluntary arrangement



LPA receivership


At Turpin Barker Armstrong we provide professional and timely insolvency advice in a friendly and efficient manner.  We understand it can be a stressful and worrying time but we can reassure you and guide you along the best path possible. We have dealt with every insolvency situation and there is always someone at the end of a phone to offer help. Some of the people we provide assistance to are:

  • Individuals and companies who are having problems paying their debts on time or who are in financial difficulty.
  • Individuals who have large credit card debts which they cannot pay.
  • Individuals and companies who are being pursued for large tax debts by HMRC.
  • Company directors who are concerned about the risks of wrongful trading.
  • Company directors who have received a Personal Liability Notice from HMRC.
  • Accountants,  lawyers and other advisors whose clients are facing financial difficulties or may need advice on restructuring their business or affairs


If you are seeking advice regarding your circumstances, or those of a client, please contact  our office. We are happy to answer any questions and find that seeking early advice can often be beneficial.


Many business failures could have been avoided if the owners had taken the right advice at the right time. Some of the most common causes of business failure are bad debts, reduced demand, excessive borrowing, and adverse economic circumstances. Unfortunately all too often business owners do not face up to these problems until it is too late. We can ease that stress and welcome directors to call at any time to discuss their worries or general queries about their existing and or possible future financial problems.

The key is to seek professional help as soon as the first signs of difficulty appear. With timely advice a business may be saved from failure, particularly if there is a genuinely profitable core to the business. With this in mind we offer an initial advisory meeting free of charge.

At Turpin Barker Armstrong, our team of trained business recovery professionals can help you identify the cause of your problems and recommend solutions to improve profitability and cash flow, or to recommend a formal insolvency process if this appears to be the only solution.

If you need an insolvency practitioner get in touch today to see how we can help you.